Mar 15, 2012

Gather Round

One of our favorite furniture forms is the round pedestal table.  It’s a simple, classic shape that brings elegance wherever it appears.  Just as a piece of sculpture displayed upon a pedestal is elevated both literally and figuratively, so is anything placed on your tabletop.  Set a vase of flowers upon a pedestal table and you understand what we’re talking about.  Somehow the standard four legged table just can’t compete with the grace of a table with a sole central support.  Luckily, circular tables on a single base can be found in virtually every style of design whether it be traditional or ultra modern.  So there’s a table or two out there for you if you’re in the market!

Benjamin Dhong

Round tables fit everywhere with ease.   Small circular pedestal tables tuck comfortably next to upholstery pieces as a place to set a glass.  Slightly larger rounds make wonderful bedside tables.  A bit larger diameter and you’ve got a stunning entry table that brings drama to a foyer.   Finally, the largest size of all, the round dining table, is the absolute ideal way to furnish a dining room.

By now you’ve figured out that we love decorating with elements that are functional, practical AND lovely to look at.  The round pedestal dining table meets these requirements easily!  Circles are a naturally intimate shape, perfect for both everyday meals with your family or for special entertaining.  We love that you can see everybody and interact with them all effortlessly.  Everyone faces inward toward a central point, providing a welcome sense of  balance and togetherness.   In our opinion, this balance makes everything at a round table just flow better – whether it be a formal dinner party with intimate conversation or a lively, raucous game of poker.   There’s a reason our kindergarten teachers sat us all in circles – it keeps us engaged!  And, unlike a long rectangular table, there’s no far end of the table with the food (or a dinner companion) out of reach!  Circular dining tables fit best in a square shaped room – again because of the balance factor.  But you can also use one in a rectangular room if you size it correctly.  Make sure the table is small enough that those seated on the narrowest part of the room can still pull their chair out fully and maneuver comfortably around the table.  If you have an open concept space, then by all means – go for the big round table!

The pedestal base itself can be fluted, bulbous, curvaceous, straight lined, or even a complex series of crossed supports forming a single structure.  Bring one of these circular beauties into your home to help counter all the hard corners and sharp edges.  We guarantee you’ll find yourself smiling at how things suddenly feel more inviting!


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