Dec 15, 2011

Island Paradise

Elizabeth Whiting & Associates

Like all of you, we are buzzing around prepping for the holidays while juggling our other usual tasks.  Needless to say, we’ve have had a few “Calgon, Take Me Away” moments!   Our fantasy escape is a deserted island with sun, relaxation and not much else.  Alas, today’s blog is not about that kind of island paradise.  Instead, we’re going to talk about the more accessible dose of pleasure one gets from a thoughtfully designed kitchen island. Nearly as good, right?!  If you’re entertaining for the holidays it just might be your dream!

Eric Roth Photography

Ask anyone what they want in their fantasy kitchen and inevitably the list will include an island.  Why?  They are super functional and a fantastic decorative focal point.  On a practical level, islands provide lots of additional storage and counter top space – which everyone needs.  They’re also the perfect spot for casual dining, for kids to do homework, or guests to hang out while you entertain.  Many islands incorporate even more – such as sinks, cook tops, dishwashers or other appliances.  Islands are coveted for a reason!

On the aesthetic end of things, designers always love the chance to incorporate design elements into a space and make our kitchens stand apart.  With a bit of thought, islands can easily be an eye catching element.  The island can sport a different counter material than what’s in the rest of the kitchen.  The cabinetry base of the island can also vary by choosing painted wood instead of stained wood.  Changing the style of cabinetry can often make the island look like a separate piece of furniture.  Adding legs, feet, or pilasters at the corners helps achieve this look.  The sides can incorporate bookshelves, spice racks or display space.

Jessica Helgerson

A bi-level island top is a great way to hide cooking messes from the rest of the kitchen, while giving you separate bar height seating.   Though most people go for a rectangular shaped island, feel free to color outside the lines here as well.  We’re currently working on an island that has a rounded pie shaped portion attached to a more squared off section.  Just be sure to allow for at least 42 inches of space between the island and any other cabinets so that there’s space to move and open appliance doors.

Below are island images that caught our island loving eyes. We hope they inspire you!

Tamara Magel

Emily Gilbert

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